Beyoncé is releasing a new documentary on HBO. It’s supposed to let her fans in on what she’s been doing with her life this past year. It’s also supposed to give us a little more insight on her career and her journey to fame.

Bey’s going to be pretty busy this year, and it’s already causing a lot of excitement with her fans. She’s also set to perform at the super bowl on February 3rd, and there’s word on a new album this year. It’s been said by The Dream Beyoncé’s collaborator and producer that she will be releasing new songs before her performance at the super bowl.

This project has some pretty high levels of anticipation right now. Fans are dying to learn more about Bey. Over the years she has struggled with letting her fans into her life. She’s even mentioned her struggle in the documentary saying “I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself”.

The documentary is set to air February 16th which is less than two weeks after her super bowl performance. HBO has also released a statement with high hopes about the film saying “This unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant vulnerable unforgettable women”.