April is National Poetry Month in the United States, so what better way to greet this inspiring time of the year than with some powerful rhyme? You may already be familiar with this fine lady, but if not, get ready for a new-found addiction. Rapsody, a.k.a. Marlanna Evans, is a grenade of an emcee to come out of North Carolina. She’s no act, either–every word is purely saturated truth (“Now I see the game for what it is, a big chess move / Playing my cards all how they was dealt / I weren’t blessed with the money so my movement ain’t felt”). “Believe Me” is a potent intellectual elixir (“If Maximus had a wife, then to Rome I’d be queen”) that combines honesty, talent and narrative when you felt like you couldn’t find rap to relate to.


For more information on Rapsody:

Website: rapsodyonline.com

Twitter: @rapsodymusic

Last.fm: /Rapsody

Facebook: /rapsodymusic