Beijing has released their new album, entitled Night, which has a very well-rounded sound. You would never think that they were a fairly new group, as they strongly capture the authentic and familiar sound of the late 90s to early millennium pop rock music. You can tell that they were inspired by the music they loved. There’s no way, for example, that you can listen to this album and not think about bands like Jimmy Eats World or Smashing Pumpkins. This album is bold and powerful, which is something that all music fans can enjoy.

There’s a classic set of tracks on this playlist. I mean it’s really good stuff. They sing a lot of downhearted songs, which is so 90s rock, but it’s different because they throw in catchy choruses and badass guitar riffs.

In a way, they kind of have a Kings of Leon thing going on too, and it works for them.  This is a star quality album. They’re on their way to being big. Listening to this album you can definitely see sold out shows and years of radio play in their future.

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