Youth and baby sized fresh is now available to parents through the unique style and coolness that BabyBear Clothing brings to fashion. Adorable to say the least, the teddy bears that each of their pieces sport, makes them the Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Le Tigre of their time, yet showcasing swag of a different type.

Connecting with us to discuss her beginnings and what to expect next from BabyBear Clothing, Founder and Creator of the brand, Ginna Santana shares some amazing insight and a high level of inspiration we’re honored to share with you.

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BabyBear Clothing

WBM: One thing that makes brands, great is their story. What inspired you to start BabyBear Clothing?

GINNA: My little Prince Anthony, is who inspired me to start my clothing line. Something about Anthony’s serious, yet adorable look in his eyes is what gives the style and character that makes BabyBear unique.

WBM: What does BabyBear represent?

GINNA: BabyBear represents a unique way for you and your child to express your style, your mood and even some of the things that interest the both of you.

WBM: Currently what type of pieces does BabyBear have available?

GINNA: Sweaters, shirts, fleece pants, bibs, dresses, backpacks, polos and a lot more different pieces in the making.

WBM: As a business owner are there any challenges you face?

GINNA: I would say one of the major challenges I face today, is making my brand known. I have faith in my brand and I would love to conquer the public’s taste.

WBM: Why does what BabyBear Clothing does matter?

GINNA: I believe that what BabyBear does matter because it allows its consumers to share a common denominator while still showing their own individuality.


WBM: Accomplishments serve as reference points on the path of success, what’s your biggest accomplishment?

GINNA: My biggest accomplishment would be a compilation of all that I have been able to do in order to my brand launched and establish.

WBM: What can the world expect from BabyBear Clothing next?

GINNA: I would have to say the world can expect more style variety and options.

BabyBear Clothing

WBM: If you had to share any insight with emerging business owners, what should people keep in mind?

GINNA: The one insight I would have to share with any new emerging business owner would be to learn to be patient, yet persevere. And to never allow the cracks on the road to success steer them away from their final journey. And to embrace teamwork at all times, in the beginning these team members may very well be just family members but this philosophy will always carryout throughout the journey of their business success.

Photos Courtesy of BabyBear Clothing

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