Photo: Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Quentin Tarantino has been getting a lot of backlash lately about Django Unchained. People are usually at Quentin for his violence in films. Spike Lee is one of Tarantino’s major critics for the movie Django. He thinks Tarantino “Disrespected his ancestors” and that slavery was not a “Spaghetti Western”. The movie is based in Texas and other southern states within the slavery era. A western theme isn’t that far off.

Tarantino was also harassed a little during an interview with the press about the movies timing. The movie came out on Christmas day which was almost two weeks after the Sandy Hook Shooting, which took 26 lives. Lots of people are saying that the movie’s release date was inappropriate. During the interview a reporter asked about his feelings towards violence and releasing the movie shortly after the shooting.

He smartly replied “Would I watch a kung foo movie three days after the Sandy Hook massacre? Maybe , because they have nothing to do with each other ”Tarantino felt the issues with the shooting in Sandy Hook had to do with “gun control and mental health”, and has nothing to do with his movies or his views about violence.