LA producer Astronautica’s debut album, Replay Last Night, releases on February 28th, 2013. It is a slow-strobe of polychromatic continuity. Even more than being a steady pulse of color, the album feels like an exploration of textures. The bubbling, dripping, and rippling of liquid is heard just as much as metallic vocals and silvery snare.

The unity of every track is built on selectively pulling elements of synth or voice through the album’s progression. Hushed snare in one track is gradually expanded on in the tracks to follow. The placement of vocals throughout the entirety of the album never feels like it competes.  Astronautica is also wise in her layering when she chooses to sedate the listener to their environment. It’s easy to imagine Replay Last Night as the heartbeat of a nocturnal road-bound journey between cities, or as an accompanying soundtrack to intensive cyberworld exploits.