Ask Wendy is the new tell-all advice book based off of the “Ask Wendy” segment of “The Wendy Williams Show”. Although the front cover says “straight up advice for all the drama in your life”, don’t be afraid to crack it open. This isn’t for people with crazy reality TV drama. It’s for the crazy situations that people are dealing with on a day to day basis. This book is filled with tons of useful topics, from advice on how to deal with your friends when things start to seem a little shady, to how to deal with controlling bosses at work.

Things get a little deep in this book. Wendy isn’t afraid to be honest with her fans. In doing so, she successfully gives some downright good advice. She also throws in some fun personality quizzes. It’s like one of those variety coloring books your parents gave you when you were kids to keep you busy, with the puzzles and connect the dots in it.

Wendy Williams shines on drama in a very different light. She explains that it can be stressful and a headache, but it can also encourage you to be proactive, help you reexamine and reevaluate your life, and makes you appreciate what really matters. It’s so true, because who ever thinks of it that way? Wendy really puts it in a positive prospective. That’s not to say “go pick a fight”, but getting a little confrontational may not be so bad. Ask Wendy is being sold in stores now so pick it up and enjoy!

Ask Wendy Book + Why Blue Matters