In line with an avian theme we started a few days ago, allow us to present you with a newly released music video from Ukraine’s freshest act, Alloise (Anna Moskovka). “Who’s the Fool” is a cheeky refrain to deceptive bonds in a relationship.

Alloise has been receiving incredible press from across Europe, earning her the impressive title as MTV EMA’s “Best Ukranian Singer”. Her image is hard to forget, as she consciously melts her music with fashion. Her earlier tracks, layered with true kaleidoscopic European spirit, beautifully define the quality of Alloise’s voice.

“This is the song about the couple, who plays in their relationship and none of them are happy. They lie to each other and everyone wants to make a fool of another,” explains Alloise. “And you have to understand who is the real fool in reality.”

Yet there is not a flicker of negative energy about this music video. With a punch of 90’s diva-pop, Alloise makes a statement of confidence as a talented entertainer. Her symbolism is light-hearted and effective, drawing parallels between the owl, nocturnal bird of prey, and herself. The sprinkling of Ukranian from her buff companion, Fahot of the funk-fusion hip hop group THMK, is enough to dry a concrete smile on your face.





alloise-behind-the scenes

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