Django Unchained came out this Christmas. That new Quentin Tarantino movie starring Jamie Foxx. He’s this newly freed slave that’s trying to rescue his wife. On his way to finding her he becomes this bad ass, renegade, hero. It was awesome, and everybody is in this movie too. You have Kerry Washington, Leonardo Dicaprio, Christoph Waltz, and my man Sam Jackson. Of course Quentin made a
little cameo as well.

This is an amazing movie. Quentin Tarantino is the man for real. I’ve always been with Quentin since Pulp Fiction. He has definitely made me a proud fan. The movie started off so great. Even though I’ll admit I had my doubts in the beginning. Since it’s a movie dealing with slavery I thought we’d have this whole history lesson of when Django was born, and anything else that probably would have made me lose concentration. But no of course since this is a Tarantino movie it has to be action packed from
beginning to end.

Soon as the opening credits came on the music alone was so Tarantino. The first scene starts off with Django being bought by a German bounty hunter, which later turns into one of the most amazing guns scenes I’ve ever seen. It was so empowering. Since then the only thing I could feel while watching this movie was proud. You never see a slave go against the grain and demand respect. Django demands respect and gets it.

Everybody’s performance was awesome. Every role was played perfectly no matter how big or small. One of the best things about this movie is that it was three hours long, and it didn’t even feel like it. Bored is the last thing I was while watching this movie. Throughout the whole thing I was either excited about an action scene, laughing, or grabbing my seat and thinking about what was going to happen next. Just when you thought the movie was over it started to get even better. It was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t think of anything that he should have done differently. It was definitely a great way to spend my Christmas morning.