About Us

Why Blue Matters is an inspirational platform that provides a look as well as a sound for those in pursuit of their goals and dreams.


In 2009, we were inspired to do something amazing.

Our mission: Identify those not only in pursuit of their aspirations, but those who had the vision, patience, and determination to turn their dreams into something tangible.

The result: The discovery of individuals and organizations who would become hue-man interest pieces while giving new significance to the color blue.

Stories were told—hundreds of them, about people from all over the world striving to have their impact felt and their efforts acknowledged. As a means of inspiration, we curate stories about those who personify creativity and resilience, while nurturing new legacies.


* Please note, we are not affiliated with the artists, individuals, and groups we publicize, unless explicitly stated. We will not provide contact information to the artists we write about, so please refrain from asking. If you are interested in getting in touch with one of our features, visit their website and use their preferred method of contact. We respect our Reasons, please do the same.*