The journey continues, and where the master of modern nostalgia, Kane Mayfield takes listeners is music to the ears. In part 3 of his 3 part series that chronicles one of the most official and biggest music festivals in rhyme, storytelling never sounded so good. Transitioning from backstage to close out day 2, Kane advises how best to enjoy the third and final day of A3C. From managing hangovers to networking, Mayfield’s “A3c Part 3” wraps up the hip hop trilogy strong.

“…don’t walk around thinking you tough
You come in peace or you get peaced
Please…if they pull peaces, you’re done
I don’t know what yall be thinking,
I’m thinking, y’all be drinking too much
Sip what you want, smoke what you want
but dont let it talk for you… my ni**a”
-Kane Mayfield A3C (Part 3/3)

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