Guess who’s back? Well…to be honest he never really went anywhere. However, picking up the story right from where we last left off hip hop impressario, Kane Mayfield takes ears on part 2 of the the 3 part series of “A3C”. This time, Kane spits rhymes and with detail about how to make your way backstage at the event. If you listen close enough, hard not to learn something. Hell…grab a notepad if you like. There are some insider secrets that anyone looking to get in the mix and network with some of their favorite hip hop titans, this is that song that will show you the way.

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“Welcome to day 2, more shows,
more drinks hidden in my bookbag and more flows
I fellowship with peers, strike sheep with lightning
you red beans and rice, bars light years ahead
this ain’t a rap concert, it’s a festival
pace yourself or it will start to get the best of you…”
-Kane Mayfield A3C (Part 2/3)

Laced with more that David Blaine, Street Magic meets Khalil Gibran musings, Mayfield’s “A3c Part 2″ is another great listen and provides another opportunity for ears to hone in on why he’s one of the best that do this. Seriously, hip hop ain’t safe. Not that it ever needed saving, but it’s artists like what Kane Mayfield continues to do that makes the direction he takes the genre in that much more worth while.

Stay tuned for part 3. There’s no telling where he’s going to take things next.

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