Just when impressive couldn’t get any more impressive, hip hop lexicon and master of modern nostalgia, Kane Mayfield takes music to another stratosphere. In his latest, “A3C” Mayfield takes listeners on a journey. Funny thing is, it’s with him literally. In part one of a three part series, Kane word paints the sights as well sounds surrounding one of the biggest hip hop music festivals in the country, A3C.

“…rapid fire, magnetize, back inside slap your pride
bars are quick to blow your mind like gats
new kid get the boot quick, the camera capture your manager, like I ain’t never heard no body rhyme like that”
-Kane Mayfield A3C (Part 1/3)

Sure, the art of rhyme is  storytelling at it’s best– at least for the good ones who do it, but what makes “A3C” so interesting is that through the duration of this 4min and 33 sec track, the soundscape switches every 16 bars likening this joint to a theatrical production where the acts and the scenes change in order to really depict the story in its entirety. Now for any ordinary rapper this could prove daunting. For Mayfield on the other hand, this is nothing but mental calisthenics.  He extraordinarily flips language with ease allowing listeners to see with their ears the things he experiences, the pseudo-emcees he encounters and annihilates at will.

Witty, entertaining, and well-crafted, “AC3″ is great example of some of the amazing things happening in music currently. Kane Mayfield leaves quite the impression and a opens the door of anticipation for parts 2, 3 and where he’s going to next.

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