Why does it feel like Why Blue Matters has begun to indulge a slightly morose perspective? Following a brief encounter with occult symbolism, perhaps this next WBM First Look won’t be too abrupt. A Primitive Evolution is Toronto’s newest rupture of angst and self-empowered defiance. This band comes not in hygienic capsules of neat delivery, but in a trembling proclamation of raunchy blues-rock revival. It’s actually more like stoner rock took a hiatus after the smoked-out truck crashed and everyone emerged a little more Gothic than they were before Biblical Proof of UFOs spewed out “Sinkpisser”. The dust has settled, and the faces of a still-breathing genre are now caked with white powder and black liner. The video quality is likely the top contender for the best that WBM has seen to date, which can only be a great cause of joy for those who want to see the slightly “Gummo” reminiscent composition of animal mascot, pick-up truck, and really angry rural folk. Oh, did I mention the flames?

For more information on A Primitive Evolution:

WEBSITE: http://aprimitiveevolution.com/fr_aprimitiveevolution

SOUNDCLOUD: /aprimitiveevolution

YOUTUBE: /APrimitiveEvolution