Tis the Season to Give the Gift of Saving(s), but not exactly how you might think. There’s no percentage off or price tag, too big or small, that matters when it comes to you, or more importantly, your loved ones’ safety, especially during the holiday season. With more than 98.6 million Americans alone traveling at least 50 miles from home, any given holiday season and those numbers ever-climbing so are accidents whether we want to think about it or not. With the resqme: prepareme Lifesaver Kit we may not stop accidents and danger, but we can as the name suggests be better prepared to preserve our lives or another’s.

ResQMe standing Reach in


ResQMe sitting Reach inWith it heading specifically into bad weather season in the NorthEast (i.e. winter) and other 4 season regions, aside from the potential dangers that arise from traveling we can’t discredit an environment with dropping temperatures that can lead to hypothermia, below freezing conditions, wet & unwelcoming precipitation, blizzards, black ice and snow removal all have their own unique set of issues to overcome and almost all can be helped by what’s contained in the lifesaver kit.

ResQMe sittingThe resqme: prepareme Lifesaver Kit contains 2 types of items: lifesaver tools and first aid items totaling 124 items to aid any emergency situation. The lifesaver tools are 1- resqme car escape tool, 1- crank flashlight (2 LED), 1- reusable hand warmer, 1- emergency blanket and 1- emergency whistle, these tools are used to escape, light, warm and bring attention to someone in need. The first aid items are 1- first aid guide, 1- roll of tape, 3- safety pins, 1- tweezers, 1- scissors, 10- tissues, 4- vinyl gloves (adult), 1- gauze roll, 5- gauze pads in various sizes, 1- instant cold pack, 1- sanitizer spray, 65- adhesive bandages of various sizes, 10- butterfly closure bandages, 10- knuckle bandages, 1- triangular gauze bandage, 3- first aid supply cases and 1- premium carry case which are all used for safely and thoroughly patching up an victim of injury from a small bump to possibly a gaping wound till more permanent medical attention can be administered.
ResQMe with Boots
This is a quality first aid and rescue kit to give any loved one as a gift or to get yourself any time of year. It may not be the most orthodox thing to receive, but definitely a purchase no one will regret.
Visit: resqme.com for more of their emergency essential items.