When good weather starts to break, good music should always follow behind it. It seems like Born Ruffians is all over that. Their new album Birthmarks is so fun and diverse. There are times when you’ll find yourself dancing without even realizing it. The new album has this bohemian-hippie sound to it with an 80s rock music twist. They’re the king of bands that would drive a crowd wild at any music festival. These guys are so energetic.

Every song is good, but every song gives you something different at the same time. “Her Shadow”, for example, is such a sweet song. If you just chill out and relax your mind, you’re guaranteed to have a full body experience. It’s like the music flows right through you. There’s really no other way to explain it.

If you listen to “6-500” you’ll be throwing your ex the finger during the whole song, or at least you will by the end of it. It’s just one of those songs. Each song is like a good three and half to four minutes long. That’s some good rockin’ out time. Birthmarks was released April 16th. Taking a listen or two is highly recommended.

birthmarks + why blue matters

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