When it comes to the things that matter most, WBM would like to shed light on someone making an incredible impact. Whether as the wife to basketball star Doug Christie, the mother of 3, including recently featured Chani Christie, an author, actress, or an entrepreneur, there isn’t anything Jackie Christie doesn’t excel at.

Interestingly enough, WBM had the opportunity to catch up with her. Here’s what Jackie had to say in response to some of the phenomenal things going on,  in and around her life.

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WBM: So what sparked your entrepreneurial endeavors?

JACKIE: I would say I knew early on I wanted to be the captain of my own ship, and to achieve this I wanted to be the boss. Even at a young age, I pretty much have always been the type of person that lined up things and set projects, so to speak, in motion. I always seem to get good results when I work hard and set goals.

WBM: Congrats on your LA Fashion Week debut. Would you mind telling the world a little about your Black Collection?

JACKIE: Yes. My 2011 winter/spring collection is inspired by love for the color black, it truly is the new sexy! I have a thing for all things mysterious and dark, and black is that for me. I really wanted to give women a line of black, sexy, and unique clothing they could dress up or down, and my new collection truly is that! I debuted it at [the] 2011 LA Fashion Week and it was very well received.

WBM: What can 2011 expect from you next?

JACKIE: WOW! I feel like they sky is the limit. I feel 2011, and far beyond, promises lots of great things for me and all the many people around the world that I strive to help in one way or another. I also have a number of projects I’m working on in TV [and] film, as well as I’m getting re-married for the 16th time and I have my newest book coming out on July 8th titled “Sexual Relations: A His & Hers Guide To Greater Intimacy”, and much more.

WBM: How do you balance life as a multiple business owner, wife & mother?

JACKIE: I really find balance in life by how I feel. When I’m able to help someone or put a smile on someone’s face, that gives me balance. My mission in life is to inspire, encourage and help other people. Also taking care of my family, home and working hard. It gives me a great feeling inside. Balance is found in how a person views their life and how they feel about themselves.

WBM: What kind of advice would you give for the aspiring entrepreneur?

JACKIE: I would tell aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, as well as to set goals and reach for the moon because even if they miss they are amongst the stars. I would also suggest making a to-do list and following through with it. That way they will stay on track of achieving their goals. Lastly, work hard, as a hard worker always receives good results. Keep your eye on the prize.

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WEBSITE: http://www.jackiechristie.com
TWITTER: /jackiechristie