As I go through New York Fashion Week, 2013, I’ve decided to focus on fashion icons whom inspire me as well as those that have a knack for the entertainment industry. Enjoy this fabulous man I had the pleasure of interviewing.

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WBM: How did your background lead you to where you are today as a man in the fashion & entertainment industry?

KYLE: I’ve been doing improv most of my life and have always enjoyed being on stage and entertaining people.

WBM: Tell me a bit about where you were raised?

KYLE: I was raised in Ohio and there isn’t a whole lot to do in Ohio so we would have to make our own fun (entertain ourselves). This lead me to developing my acting abilities and molding me into who I am today. I am also grateful for growing up in a diverse yet very secluded area.

WBM: What led you to becoming an actor?

KYLE: I can trace it back to one specific time Phantom of the Opera as a kid. Even for as young as i was I never felt so many emotions at one time. I wanted to spread that feeling to others so that they would be able to experience the same thing I did.

WBM: What is a key lesson you’ve learned along the way?

KYLE: The first reaction is always the best one.

WBM: Think of these four characteristics of entrepreneurs: heart, smart, guts, luck. Which one were you?

KYLE: Heart. It’s something I get from my mother.

WBM: What has been your highest moment in the entertainment industry and your lowest?

KYLE: The Best: Being able to act in and design and build the set of Arsenic and Old Lace. The worst: falling for an agency scam at the beginning of my career. I’ve learned from it, so I’m glad it happened.

WBM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

KYLE: Sitting next to Robert Redford at Sundance.

WBM: Who currently is your style icon?

KYLE: Sophia Vergara looks great in a dress but if I wanted to dress like someone it’d be Ralph Lauren. I like to keep it simple.