Los Angeles by way of Kansas City, R&B|Pop Singer/Songwriter has gone to great lengths as well as experienced a great deal just to get where he’s at. That however isn’t free from remaining firm in his craft and his passion for the making the music he always believed would impact the world. From working with notable artists such as Estelle, Marsha Ambrosia, and Anthony Hamilton to having his work heard in the movie “The Best Man Holiday” and the television show “Preachers of LA”, there’s nothing Gabe can’t do and of the lives he’s already touched, that’s just a glimpse of what he’s possible of.

WBM: To many people, music means a multitude of things. How important is music to you?

Gabe: Music is important to me in the since that it can take me anywhere I want to go in that moment or allow me to be anything I want in that moment. That’s what makes music so special. It has a connection with each of us as individuals. In a sense, it’s like a inside joke that each that of us get to experience.

WBM: Considering that music plays a significant role in your life, was it something that your gravitated toward or was music something that gravitated toward you?

Gabe: I would say it was a little of both. Music has been something that I’ve always had a talent and passion for so I was always drawn to it. Sometimes I feel like it gravitated to me. Its like this love affair in the sense that no matter where I am, its always fighting for my attention. There are very few moments when a song is not in my head.

WBM: Success isn’t something that you’re a stranger to. What can you contribute to the number of opportunities that have come your way?

Gabe: Hardwork, dedication and for me prayer. It can be a tough business so you have to believe that things are going to work out or else you’re just wasting your time. I say hardwork in the sense that you never know when you’re opportunity will be so when it comes you have to be ready. That’s what success is. Success is when opportunity and preparation meet.

WBM: When did you know that?

Gabe: In a sense I’ve always known it. Don’t get me wrong. There have been times where I’ve felt like “Damn…this is hard”. I’ve definitely wanted to give up at times. That’s going to happen sometimes but you gotta shake that off and keep pushing. That is something I was taught growing up but something I experienced first hand when I began to seriously go after my dreams. Some of the greatest opportunities I’ve experience were not planned. However, staying prepared for anything allowed me to seize those opportunities. It’s crazy because as much as we would like to, we can’t predict every opportunity but if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

WBM: Where are some of the places that you find inspiration for your music?

Gabe: That answer could go on and on! I study those who have done it on a level that I want to reach. Also I’m an avid people watcher. I love it! I can go to any public park, beach or shopping area and watch people. I draw my inspiration from them, their smiles, their frowns their interactions with each other. Have you ever saw someone and it looks like they’re having the greatest time of their life? They make you want to be like them in that moment. I try to create that feeling whenever I write a song. I try to make anyone listening to that song feel like they are the person that the song is about. I want people to feel like the song was created just for them.

WBM: Who are the artists and/or producers that you would like to work with in the near future?

Gabe: Another answer that could go on forever! I want to work with Justin Timberlake. Dude is amazing and the care he gives audience is something I want to embody. He’s done enough where he doesn’t have to prove himself anymore but he is always pushing himself and it shows in his music! There are many others. Janelle Monae is also on that list. We’re from the same city and I think the effect would be massive. Not to mention the fact that she is ridiculously talented and I love the energy she gives to her performances. As far as producers are concern, I want to work with Pharrell Williams. He has found a way to make himself timeless. He is so musically inclined like he’s on his own frequency. Kanye West. He’s a genius. He’s a flat out genius. Too many more to mention, but these people for sure.

WBM: What’s next for you?

Gabe: I’m prepping for the release of “Capricorn Diaries.” I’m so excited because I feel like I got it right. I think people will be able to connect to it. That’s always important to me. I just released the music video to my first single “Lovers Song” and it’s always featured on Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA” so things are going in the right direction. I just want to build off of that momentum, make new fans and see where the journey takes me.

WBM: What advice if any do you have for upcoming artist that aspire to reach the heights that you have?

Gabe: That’s funny because I feel like I’m just getting started myself. I have a lot of work to do. My advice is believe in your music. Always be prepared. Surround yourself with positive people that will be honest with you but not tear you down. Believe in what you’ve created and take a chance on yourself. Promote yourself until others wanna do it for you. Most importantly don’t forget to enjoy yourself.



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