Exclusive Interview with Author Ron Newt 8/10/15

     In a world of hustle and making money we also have to worry about Copyright Infringement. Such as the pending Lawsuit Ron Newt has filed Against “Empire”, Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels and Others, including Fox Entertainment Network.

I received a call from a colleague of mine inviting me to interview Ron Newt a man with the world on his shoulders and a life-story that was worth stealing. The true life story that was apparently so dramatic and intriguing it was truly good enough to steal. When it first came to my attention, I thought to myself, that “this is trouble”. Nevertheless, I choose to accept the challenge and proceeded with the interview. Ron Newt explained his story to me and where he was coming from. He has tried many times to share this ‘violation’ with the world via Internet eg. TMZ, online radio, Entertainment.com, 24urban.com and many other facets and avenues. Some of which seemed open to his claims.

  Unfortunately, many popular media stations apparently overlooked the notion. The bottom line was ‘They Stole His Story…’. They… Always take… What troubles me, is the fact that the ‘so-called’ Media and ‘Hollywood’ with its false claims of diverse mentality acceptance and  acceptance of ‘status’ is so profound and do is ‘discrimination’. It is difficult to pinpoint actually where things went wrong. They twist things up… “This is what they do…”

There have been many more “true” statements. Anyone, that has dealings with anyone in Hollywood, knows the what’s required for the business and know that Ron Newt and his claim are most likely true. Many a dreamer and their dreams gave been ruined by greed and selfishness. These days that shouldn’t be happening. In fact, this shouldn’t have happened at all. Whether its realized or not, all of the accused are as much a part of the theft as the actual culprit. Now, Known actor Terrence Howard. Who currently is playing the leading role of that ‘persona’ the ‘real life’ Ron Newt. A direct application of ‘salt to wound’.
As Ron Newt has repeatedly stressed that point.

There have been many unanswered questions until this point… You cannot just NOT entertain  or investigate Newt’s claims. Or Even refuse to give it a SECOND thought for that matter? Thus far, Newt’s allegations have not been “publicly” answered by the participants.  Specifically, there has been no response from Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels nor the Fox Entertainment television Network regarding Ron Newt’s claim of being the rightful creator, Author and having ‘a hand’ in having ownership of the story behind the Fox networks infamous ‘EMPIRE’ series. Hollywood behaves As though nothing had been done and as though the situation will die down on its own with silence… Very Sneaky like…  “What happens in Hollywood, stays in Hollywood”…they will Wait ’til things quite down a little, then handle it discretely…” Is what Came to my mind. But why discretely? To save embarrassment? Other networks have apparently joined in on the discrediting that apparently took over Newt’s claim.

These actions and ‘lack of support” from the public may have also contributed to the dynamic temporary ‘negative’ effect that was also a part of what appeared to be the ‘Slamming’ of Newt’s claims. Thus giving the effect of it being a joke… In other words, They have made ‘light’ of the situation.
I find that very disturbing. The media is supposed to maintain a ‘non-biased’ nature. Especially in their reporting processes and practices. Also, they are to convey and bring forth the “Truth” not censor it. Bring it into the light. Not cover it up.  Whose to say that this ‘script reading’ for All That Glitters Isn’t Gold Also written by Ron Newt, could have been the actual script in question.

As I researched the story, I began to realize that there have been many instances when Ron Newt was in the process of releasing his documentary when there was a personal crisis. So a hold was put on the release. Only, to have a relative tell you that your story is on television? And you were not given any credit??? People fight for copyrights nowadays… Some investors have gotten their discoveries stolen. Some writers have had their creations and lyrics stolen by some recording artists. I don’t need to go into that…
Ron Newt is suing for $1 billion and that is not much, considering how much money it will take to restore Ron Newts privilege and give back his rights. Moreover, many innocent people have gotten their identities and even further their lives stolen. As in Ron Newt’s case, his entire empire was indeed a story to be told. I searched online for some type of background on the story since I was unfamiliar with the, ‘hit- television series Empire.

In actuality, it is a sad story that made me very angry as to the dramatic ending which is as I type, “playing itself out”. The fact that people, meaning Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels, from what I researched about Lee Daniels is that his father was a cop he didn’t grow up in the streets, and it would be easy yo tell that Empire is not his idea. He grew up privileged. Secondary bottom line… Fox Entertainment and others have some nerve. To call themselves talented individuals. It only leads to the question of; “Who has the real talent?” Especially these days, when there is do much unrest amongst the races and Hollywood is no different. As though they were hoping that the lawsuit and Ron Newt would quell down and they could possibly perhaps settle out of court. Nevertheless, the facts remain constant and the truth of the matter is coming to the light.

There were many things discussed during our interview. Even the world’s greatest and ‘long-overrated and speculated’ question… “Who was the infamous Billie Jean? We discussed his relationship with the King of Pop Michael Jackson Rest in Peace and so much more.

So much that I couldn’t transcribe the entire interview. I had to record it so that the entire conversation was audible. Then Convert it to mp3 and upload it from there. Where you, my readers can listen to the interview and judge for yourself!

 During the Exclusive Interview, Ron Newt expressed that his story had in fact been stolen and He described the events that took place, prior to the meeting with Terrence Howard. He and I both were perplexed as to our combined findings upon recollection. In my opinion, I believe the story ‘Empire’ to be an “unreal” story only because it is derived from “Bigger Than Big”, which NOW will Never see the likes of fame as Empire only because it “hit the streets” by some greedy person Who ‘stole’ it beforehand. Got in cahoots with the producer Lee Daniels, ‘pitched’ the idea and Fox Network picked it up. This kind of technical theft is common and frequently happens in Hollywood. But seldom would the Creator ignored and no credit given to the originator.

They are all in cahoots. Throwing Ron Newt and his claims and his rights to the story to be invalid claims. He has the copyright to the story, moreover, the similarities are way too coincidental. Way before the ‘so-called’ writers of ‘Empire’ even “thought” about a television series on “that” level. Meaning the drugs, violence and mayhem involving the main character. Luscious, aka Prince Diamond better known as Ron Newt. There was and is a story called “Bigger Than Big”.